Help Is Appreciated for Ongoing Work on PySol Fan Club Edition
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Shlomi Fish
2016-02-14 15:13:16 UTC
Hi all,

as work on PySol Fan Club Edition (= a comprehensive and feature-rich suite of
solitaire/patience card games released as free and open source software under
the GPLv3+) has stalled, some people and I have done some ongoing maintenance
of it on GitHub:

* https://github.com/shlomif/PySolFC/tree/shlomif--main-branch--master

(Note the branch.)

And I'd like to ask you people for help if possible. Feel free to fork the
repository, file issues in the issue tracker, send pull-requests, etc.

Current task list is:

1. Clean up the code including the merging of a lot of duplicate code in the
codebase (especially among pysollib/tk/*.py and pysollib/tile/*.py).

2. Port to Python 3. The first item is a precondition for that to avoid
duplicate code.

3. Implement new features.

4. Make it easier to get up-and-running from source.

5. Fix bugs if any.

Help is welcome.


Shlomi Fish
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